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Consignment/Appraisals 1-626-457-8818

Opening Positions at Linwoods Auction

1.Auction Management Analyst (Hiring Valid 3/20/2020 - 4/21/2020) : 

Job Descriptions:

    (1) Study and analyze current auction business procedure used in the industry and apply to company’s specific auction operation and products to establish an business operation system form import/export, consignment of oriental antiques and artworks to on-site and internet auctions;

    (2) Analyze current company business operation flowchart and work with software consultants to establish efficient, computerized auction business management system including cataloging auction items, auction lot displaying, auction operating, accounting, shipping and dispute resolution with PASW Statistics and Auctionflex;

    (3) Analyze global commercially available auction industry business data to establish efficient marketing and finance management system to govern company’s investment, financial operation and international marketing plans including budget, operation methodology, strategic implementation, trend prediction, effectiveness evaluation and modification to increase productivity using SQL, Mongo and Wofram data management software;  

    (4) Recommend new systems, procedures, and organizational changes to management through presentations and written reports and ensure all changes are working. 

    Job Requirements

    Analyze online and onsite auction business procedures. 40/w, 8-5.

    This Job position requires master’s degree in management and one-year work experience in management and marketing in auction business and working knowledge of Auctionflex, PASW Statistics and Mongo. 

    Send Resumes to Lisa Ong, CEO, at

Only U.S. Workers Can Apply. 

2. Graphic Designer  

Job Descriptions: 

(1)Plan, execute and design company’s auction catalogues, auction showcase materials, and all marketing graphic materials for presentation to our potential clients to participate in auctions with HTML and Adobe Creative Cloud software including HTML, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe In-Design CC, Word Press, CSS, Adobe Acrobat Pro under windows system; 

(2)Design graphics and format and create designs and layouts, including posters, presentation boards, flyers, brochures, online magazine and newsletter and to present to our domestic an international clients as marketing efforts in the Americas, Asia, and Europe, utilizing tools such as Creative Suite, MS Office, Excel, PowerPoint as well as the above mentioned computer software and design tools in Item 2 and to make the publication and printing deadlines; 

(3)Present drafts and layout of design concepts to marketing director and for approval prior to publication or printing and incorporate any recommended changes to the final design, and develop and prepare print-ready files to meet production standards and specifications prior to printing or publishing online;

(4)Design other marketing materials, such as business cards, letterheads, envelopes, notepads, T-shirts, mugs and banners (for art exhibition or specialist seminars)  with company logo on them;  

(5)Establish and maintain good working relationships with external printing vendors, select paper, binding, special printing technique options, help manage print production schedule, in order to ensure all printed marketing materials are cost effective and of the highest quality;

(6)Create photography in the photography studio and computer graphics for the visual images with the above computer skills employing color, type, illustration, photography and various print and layout techniques; and 

(7)maintain archive of images, photos, and previous work products and participate in new computer graphic design software training seminars to keep updated with the highest level of software products.  

Job Requirement:

(1)Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design or related fields;  

(2)Four (4) years of experience in Graphic Design fields;  

(3)Proficient in Microsoft Office, Excel and Access, HTML and Adobe Creative Cloud software including HTML, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe In-Design CC, Word Press, CSS, Adobe Acrobat Pro under windows system; 

(4)Excellent communicator – speaks and writes clearly and to the point; Mandarin Chinese speaking and writing preferred;

(5)Organized and analytical with relentless attention to detail;

(6)Strong intellectual creativity and originality for graphic designing duties.  

Send Resumes to Lisa Ong, CEO, at

Only U.S. Workers Can Apply.  

3.  Financial Analyst

Job Descriptions: 

(1)Study and analyze financial aspects of corporate investment projects or referred EB-5 investment projects from regional centers, lawyers and Job Creation Enterprises, (JCE) in new or existing/distressed business, using marketing research data purchased from commercial marketing research firms, publicly available industrial reviews, reports and predictions to determine project feasibility, profitability and operative specifics and write pro forma financial reports and advise investors whether the projects fit to their investment needs; 

(2)Perform investment/bank loan analysis and consulting to investors when the investment projects are through banks or regional centers that use loan-to-JCE format, and analyze/present Chinese investors’ investment projection and compile financial statements/reports to EB-5 regional centers, banks, attorneys and other financial institutions to present the sufficient/legal source of fund of the foreign investors for decision making on if the investors are eligible for the immigration benefit; 

(3)Synthesize, interpret, and recapitulate assumptions for the investment projects, using ratio analysis, sensitivity analysis for pricing products, as well as SWOT analysis for the projects using mathematical models and software Adaptive Suite and PrevisionEPM in order to compile the financial statement toward the comprehensive business plan in the investment analysis process; 

(4)Compile or assist to compile the comprehensive business plan for the investment project and track and determine the investment project’s financial status by monitoring variances from plan and by comparing and analyzing results and variances from plans and forecast with actual financial operation results;

(5)Analyze actual financial operation results and variances of the investment projects, and provide information to the management of JCE by summarizing data, making presentation of findings and analyses to recommend actions to improve their financial status and to ensure investment success for the I-829 process in two years and continue monitoring the investment project financially for the contracted 5 year period between foreign investors and the JCE.

Job Requirement:

(1)Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with concentration in finance; Master’s Degree in the same field preferred;  

(2)6 Months + of experience in investment analysis is required;

(3)Proficient in Microsoft Office, Excel and Access, and Chinese EB-5 investment project analysis with SWOT and PrevisionEPM required. 

(4)Excellent communicator – speaks and writes clearly and to the point; Mandarin Chinese speaking and writing preferred;

(5)Organized and analytical with relentless attention to detail;

(6)Strong intellectual curiosity and affinity for numbers.  

4. Public Relation Specialist:

Job Descriptions: 

(1)Plan, implement, direct and manage public relations programs designed to create and maintain a favorable, cooperative public image and relationships for our company with the news media, local government and our clientele;  

(2)Write press releases about our company and clientele regarding auctions and trade shows, and contact reporters, producers and editors in print and broadcast media who might create stories with these press releases; 

(3)Create our company literature such as corporate website contents, advertisement wording, infomercial scripts, and monthly mailing of Antique magazine and newsletters and arrange communication with clients and other auction houses and organizations; 

(4)Coordinate with Digital and Multimedia Communication Specialist to create marketing and promotional materials, both print and electronic; 

(5)Work with advertisers for timely and useable ad submissions, copyedit,     proofread, and revise wording of advertisement and promotional communications; and work with finance manager and business units to determine ad campaign budget and manage expenses to that budget.

(6)Design and launch email marketing campaigns, and plan and deliver Chinese antique and artwork education courses and prepare materials.

Job Requirement:

(1)Bachelor’s Degree in marketing, journalism or communications; Master’s Degree in the same filed preferred; 

(2)6 Months + work experience in public relation is required;

(3)Strong speaking and writing skills in both English and Mandarin Chinese;

(4)Strong organizational and problem-solving skills in managing several events at the same time and able to explain how a company or client is handling sensitive issues.