Past Auction, September 27

Past Auction, September 27

The season’s long anticipated change brings a splendid cornucopia of new offerings.  In celebration of an encouragingly successful inaugural year, Linwood’s Auction of Southern California are pleased to present a veritable cache of decorative arts, unique jewelry, distinctive period furniture, and fine art masterpieces at a special one day auction event in their auction house and gallery showroom on Saturday, September 27 and at’s Auction offers a variety of Chinese arts and antiquities, precious stones, fine jewelry and rare furnishings at the autumn event. September auction items include a wide variety of porcelain works, jade, jadeite sculptures and soapstone carvings, precious gemstones, scroll paintings, ancient silk courtiers’ robes and museum-worthy furniture pieces.

Memorable lots from the September auction include a magnificent collection of Kesi-woven silken embroidered courtiers’ robes and embroidery panels from the Imperial court of the Qing dynasty. Another notable offering is a number of HuangHuaLi furniture pieces of the highest quality and craftsmanship. A discerning lifetime collector is also parting with scroll paintings, porcelain works, and select pieces acquired from the celebrated auction houses of Sotheby’s, Bonham’s and Christie’s.

The auction opens on Saturday. September 27 featuring a vast array of snuff bottles, intricately crafted in Jade, White Jade, Agate, and Cloisonné and featuring semi-precious stone detailing. One lot of particular interest is 5723, a unique black and white Hetian Jadeite snuff bottle with intricately carved figurine overlays.

For the consummate collector. other notable lots include the impressive collection of silk courtiers’ robes and embroidery panels from the Imperial Qing dynasty (Lots 5755-5764) amassed by a lifetime collector in San Francisco. Lot 5764, a navy silk robe featuring mythical dragons chasing flaming pearls among stylized clouds epitomizes the beauty and regal grandeur of this collection.

Another cornerstone of the day’s offerings is Lot 5719, a lustrous conjoined archaistic vase painstakingly carved from a multi-hued piece of very rare Jadeite in lavender, grey, and apple green tones with russet suffusions. This masterfully crafted piece also comes with a GIA certificate.

Elegant in its simplicity and design is Lot 5800 a white Hetian Jadeite brush washing bowl with carved auspicious bat detailing and suspended side rings.

Distinctive furniture lots ( 5902- 5916 ) include a number of museum-worthy pieces, some of which were amassed by a Manhattan lifetime collector who prized Huanghuali and Zitan woods above all other Western woods for their remarkable strength, durability and gleaming finish. A significant collection piece is Lot 5908, a pair of Huanghuali Horseshoe-backed chairs from the Republic period, magnificently crafted with impeccable detailing.

While the Saturday auction will comprise art collectibles, furnishings and fine art pieces, it will also be reserved for fine jewelry pieces in a variety of forms, from amber prayer beads, to rare Tibetan Dzi beads to unique Jade and Jadeite pieces.  Noteworthy jewelry lots include Lot 5724, a luminous green Jadeite pendant with Cabochon style petals surrounded in gold with clusters of nearly perfect diamonds, with GIA certificate.

Linwood’s Auction has married the mutually held passion for fine art and collectibles with decades of expert sales and acquisitions for the growing network of international clients.  Please feel free to come by during viewing hours prior to the auction.

The Saturday September 27 event will begin at 2 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Pre-auction viewing days are scheduled for: Tuesday, Sept. 23, Wednesday, Sept 24, and Thursday Sept 25 from 1-5p.m., or by appointment. Linwoods gallery is located at 818 W. Las Tunas Dr., San Gabriel, CA 91776 For additional information regarding lots or bidding by proxy, call Lisal Ong at 626-457-8818.

View the fully illustrated catalog and sign up to bid absentee or live via the Internet at


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