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Art Gallery History and Architectural

San Gabriel Mission District

With its gleaming cobblestone floors, sky high A-frame vaulted ceilings and solid brick inlays, the building on 818 Las Tunas has a captivating history. Today in its most recent incarnation, it provides the quintessential backdrop for a gallery of fine Asian art and antiquities.

Built in 1905, the nearly 6000 square feet of floor space served as a blacksmith for all of the early settlers, cattle hands and rancheros along the corridor of the San Gabriel river and within just a few miles of the San Gabriel Mission. The Mission, which was one of the wealthiest of the 21 California missions did well in establishing cattle ranching and farming. With an aqueduct, mill, cattle and orchards of olives, oranges and grapes life in the mission district was vibrant and productive. Although the area was primarily agricultural in nature, the Mission district was the hub of the Western frontier with open markets, a tailor, a jail, a few pharmacies and 18 saloons within a two block area.

818 Las Tunas was located along the banks of the river where cattle hands and settlers could bring their horses to drink. The massive A frame of the building and vaulted ceilings enabled horses to be brought in to be re-shoed or fitted for bits and bridles. The cobblestone floors and the thick meticulously crafted brick inlays speak of a bygone era when life on a frontier town was new. Because of its grand scale and beautiful architectural bones, the space has also served as a general store, a bakery and a seamstress’ atelier. 818 Las Tunas was most recently home to an office supply store before its current owner looked at its rising beams, generous wall space and magnificently crafted stone work and knew that his precious art collections had finally found a home. History continues to live on in a remarkable setting.

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Jane K.

posted on TripAdvisor

Learning to paint was always one of my biggest dreams! But when I was working, I’ve never had enough time on my hands to accomplish that. Since recently I’ve retired, making this dream come true finally became an option for me!

Elias L.

posted on Yelp

For all my adult life I have been a devoted fan of the modern art scene… For me it meant that whenever a new exhibition was hosted in our city I must have been there. This is why I love this art gallery!

Sarah C.

posted on Forsquare

While living a few hundred miles away, I travel back and forth Virginia and Maryland, very often indeed. So each time I do that I always try to visit this museum, either on my own or bringing my friends and relatives in…