Linwood's Fine Arts Auction set for December 9th

Linwood's Fine Arts Auction set for December 9th

The early winter’s chill has ushered in a myriad of earthly delights of yesteryear. In celebration of an encouragingly successful season, Linwood’s Auction is pleased to present a veritable treasure trove of decorative arts, unique jewelry, distinctive period furniture, and fine art masterpieces at an exclusive one day auction event in their auction house and gallery showroom on Tuesday, December 9 and at

Linwood’s Auction House offers a variety of Chinese arts and antiquities, precious stones, fine jewelry and rare furnishings at the early winter event. December auction items include a wide variety of porcelain works, jade, jadeite sculptures and soapstone carvings, precious gemstones, scroll paintings, ancient silk courtiers’ robes, embroidered silk panels, and museum-worthy furniture pieces.

Memorable lots from the December auction include a magnificent collection of Kesi-woven silken embroidered courtiers’ robes and embroidery panels from the Imperial court of the Qing dynasty. Another notable offering is a number of HuangHuaLi furniture pieces of the highest quality and craftsmanship. A discerning lifetime collector is also parting with scroll paintings, porcelain works, and select pieces acquired from the celebrated auction houses of Sotheby’s, Bonham’s and Christie’s.

Headlining the Auction event is Lot 6191, An extraordinarily rare natural Jadeite Jade Boulder which shelters an openwork carving of monkeys and lingzhi group of branches, 20th century. The reticulated boulder displaying Lingzhi detailing amid blossoming branches whose leaves and tendrils support the playful monkeys is meticulously carved from the Jadeite.. The intense green matrix marked with apple green leaf veins and translucent inclusions is a clever and skillful choice making this piece unusually geometric and “egg-shaped”. In addition, the reverse side of the carving contains a natural mysterious unpolished mottled green skin which is embellished as a cave background, perched elegantly atop a natural, carved hardwood base stand.

For the consummate collector, other notable lots include the impressive collection of silk courtiers’ robes and Kesi embroidery panels from the Imperial Qing dynasty amassed by a lifetime collector in San Francisco. Lot 6244, a Chinese Blue Silk Embroidered Imperial Dragon Robe, the front with the design of the three dragons defined in couched gilt-wrapped threads surrounded by stylized clouds, and embroidered lishui border epitomizes the beauty and regal grandeur of this collection.

Most impressive is Lot 6236, a Chinese Kesi Embroidery panel, woven in shades of pale saffron, russet, blue, grey and green to portray an assembly of Immortals and figures from popular Daoist imagery celebrating the god of longevity’s birthday including the Three stars of Happiness, the Hehe twins, Magu and Xiwangmu, together with various attendants in a balustrade garden setting surrounded by clouds and waves. The details of the figures added in ink and colored washes and gold gilt threading.

Another cornerstone of the day’s offerings is Lot 6189, an Archaistic Jasper Jade Vase, with leaf-shaped blade carvings filled with scrollwork on the rim, a rectangular section body raised on a pedestal foot, carved with a pair of overlooking dragons around the mid-section, and within each side, carved facets with signs of fading gilded gold.

Elegant in its simplicity and design is Lot 6161, a refreshingly unique Chinese powder blue porcelain vase, delicately glazed with qilong inscriptions and shoulder detailing. Mythical dragons writhe under stylized cloud forms and archaistic borders. Seal mark Qing Qianlong period inscription on base.

Distinctive furniture lots include a number of museum-worthy pieces, some of which were amassed by a Manhattan lifetime collector who prized Huanghuali and Zitan woods above all other Western woods for their remarkable strength, durability and gleaming finish. A significant collection piece Lot 6330, a Chinese Zitan Throne Armchair, with a stepped back, the central rectangular panel flanked by lower panels, section ally carved in low relief of foliate and longevity bat patterns, with graduated-paneled arms on a solid seat, with an openwork scrolling carved apron, the shaped straight legs ending in foot feet back suspending across the chair form.

While the Tuesday auction will comprise art collectibles, furnishings and fine art pieces, it will also be reserved for fine jewelry pieces in a variety of forms, from amber prayer beads, to rare Tibetan Dzi beads to unique Jade and Jadeite pieces.

The Tuesday December 9th event will begin at 2 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Pre-auction viewing days are scheduled for: Wednesday, Dec. 3, Thursday, Dec 4 and Friday, Dec 5 from 1-5p.m., of the previous week or by appointment. Linwood’s gallery is located at 818 W. Las Tunas Dr., San Gabriel, CA 91776 For additional information regarding lots or bidding by proxy, call our specialist at 626-457-8818.

View the fully illustrated catalog and sign up to bid absentee or live via the Internet at


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