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Private Sales

    Private bargaining is a service specially designed for invited VIPs, aiming at high-end auction products and those that are considered suitable by Linwoods auction houses. Private purchasing services allow collectors to buy and sell collections in a low-key manner, saving you valuable time, so they have unique advantages. 

    If you wish to sell art treasures or jewelry outside the auction, Linwoods auction houses are willing to serve you. We will contact suitable buyers according to the type of goods to be sold and strive for the best price for you. 

    On the contrary, if you want to buy works of art or jewelry that have not been auctioned, or need to find works of art for special occasions, experts from Linwoods auction houses can also spread over the global network of brokers and private collectors, tailor-made private purchase plans for your needs, and search for the best products for you at the ideal price. The expert team of Linwoods auction houses is knowledgeable, knows the market well, provides professional advice to customers all over the world, and formulates one-to-one negotiation plans for clients and buyers to meet the needs of both parties. 

    Private bargaining takes the form of "hidden bidding": we will post information, pictures and valuation of high-end photographs on the Internet or email them to invite VIPs to bid. At the end of the bid, the highest bidder who reaches the bottom price becomes the buyer. 

Bidding methods are all by mail or fax. Bidders are requested to download the Private Purchase Bid Form, fill in and sign it in person. Before the deadline, the bid is scanned and send to, or fax to 626-457-8811. 

The Private Purchase Business shall also abide by the Rules for the Auction Industry of Linwoods.