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LA ART STATION  finds its origins in a local Chinese association. Mr Lin Jianfeng, an Asian connoisseur, is the founder of Art Station Gallery. 

He has invited Mr Hong Bo to be the Los Angeles Art Station’s founding Gallery Director. Mr Hong Bo is a renowned American artist, 

he is known for his “American Landscape” ink and color on classic Chinese scroll works. His art achievements are well-recognized from 

his academic background and he has garnered numerous awards. Located in 818 W. Las Tunas Dr. San Gabriel CA 91776 U.S.A., 

the gallery occupies approximately 6,000 square feet with 500 feet show lines for displaying fine Chinese art and calligraphy scrolls.

In accordance with international standards of art galleries, Art Station plans to utilize its superior resources, to challenge the art era to 

establish the art exhibition, consignments, public awareness, research and development, through public exhibitions to become a professional 

bridge between art and life ties. Art Station endeavors to become an important cultural center of the West Coast in United States.

Art Station’s primary aim is to propel an exchange of international art and culture heritage with an emphasis on presenting the contrast 

between Western and Eastern art, modern versus classical art, the art gallery intends to fulfill its mission in the international art fusion led 

by its vision of the diversity and multi-dimensional qualities of art.



Chinese Painting Institute (USA), LACA Society, Yi Yan Society, Silicon Valley Asian Center and otherinstitutions to provide academic support expert resources.
institions including UCLA University of Southern California, Huntington Library, Bowers Museum, andassociated art institutions.
Station gallery in establish!ng international exhibitions for art academic exchange and co-operative collaboration.

Additionally, Art Station aims to facilitate art exchanges while working with partners such as Linwoods Auction,
Jia De Auction, Poly Auction, Sotheby's, Christie's, the ZOSE Arts, and the Museum of Fine Arts Xingtan, etc.




Partnership with Chinese Painting Institute (USA), LACA Society, Linwoods Auction, ZOSE Arts.
Art appraisal experts and art academic related consultancy advisory services.
Exhibition Services.
Artists research based provision.
Auctions, seminars, press conferences, connoisseurship and other art interactive platform provision.
A collaborative platform for art exchange, and arts deviatives development provision.
A collaborative platform for arts and cultural collaboration programs.
Related media services, culture and brand planning services.






To create a fusion of cultural diversity through the thriving of Chinese Art. Explore the significant
role of art in the age of modernization by emphasizing the tendency of cultural assimilation and the
infusion of Chinese art into the world art market.



The art museum is located in the city of San Gabriel, and comprises nearly 6000 square feet of floor space. 
With its gleaming cobblestone floors, sky high A-frame vaulted ceilings
and solid brick inlays, the building on 818 Las Tunas has a captivating history. Today in its most recent incarnation, 
it provides the quintessential backdrop for a gallery of fine Asian art and antiquities.


It was built in 1885, and served as a blacksmith for all of the early settlers, cattle hands and rancheros along the corridor of the 

San Gabriel river and within just a stone*s throw from San Gabriel Mission. It was located along the banks of the river where cattle hands 

and settlers could bring their horses to drink. The massive A frame of the building and vaulted ceilings enabled horses to be brought in to be

re-shoed or fitted for bits and bridles. The cobblestone floors and the thick meticulously crafted brick inlays speak of a bygone era when life 

on a frontier town was new. Because of its grand scale and beautiful architectural bones, the space has served as a Blacksmith, a Century 

Motor Sales showroom (April 18,1955 Los Angeles Times, page 35), a Cambridge^ Furniture store (April 20, 1969 Los Angeles Times, page SG2) 

and a general store. 818 Las Tunas was most recently a home and office supply store before its current owner looked at its rising beams, 

generous wall space and magnificently crafted stone work and knew that his precious gallery art collections had eventually found a home. 

History continues to live on in a remarkable setting.

The San Gabriel area is an art place itself. The missionaries who built the place are responsible for the numerous artifacts found in the area. 

From buildings to playhouses, pavements, walls, bells, halls, shops and churches, the buildings are unique and well crafted. The San Gabriel area 

has a multi-faceted background that is rich in beauty and history. The structures in the area depict the culture and heritage of those who inhabited 

the area long ago. For instance, the Bell Tower, which holds six bells, tells a story of major occurrences in history. 818 Las Tunas is the perfect 

location for an art gallery as the buildings and surroundings reinforce what the art communicate. The Los Angeles government preserved the 

buildings and artifacts in San Gabriel Mission District Neighborhood since the ancient works do tell an important part of Los Angeles city. 

There is need to preserve the art and area so that future generations can understand what led to the growth of Los Angeles town.