Recent Auction Highlights



Lot 47

Stunning 18K white gold and diamond ring, the diamond a round brilliant cut and weighing approx. 3.17 carats of good color and clarity set in a square four pronged setting, surrounded by small white diamonds with three rows of small diamond facets on both sides. GIA certificate.

Sold for $12,200



327_1Lot 327

Lustrous jadeite pendant with 18K white gold setting. Beautifully colored deep mottled apple green teardrop pendant supported by a smaller jadeite double gourd and outlined by small diamonds with Certificate of Gems & Jewelry. Length 0.65″ Height 1.9″

Sold for $5,900




57_1Lot 57

ZhongKui Porcelain Painting.  Breadth 6.75″ Height 10.75″  Author: Wang Bu

Sold for $3,125




200_1Lot 200

Tall porcelain vase with beautiful Chinese maiden motif Height 20.5 ”

Sold for $2,500




860_1Lot 860

Unusual Gilt Gold Famille Rose Flower Ewer 16.75″ Height

Sold for $2,735




115_1Lot 115

Antique Nephrite White Jade PiYao figure, mythical protector of wealth. Crouching with head tilted back, mouth open, and teeth bared, with long flowing mane. Period unknown. Length 5.25″ Width 2.1″ Height 3.5″

Sold for $2,200



140_1Lot 140

Chinese Antique Celadon Small vase with slightly flared rim mouth and a suggestion of waves etched in white at the base. Song Dynasty 13th Century. Length 3.5″ Height 5.75″

Sold for $3,650



351_1Lot 351

Four of the six stacked lobes forming the sides of the box composed of chased metal wire and enamels with inlaid jadeite cabochons in the shape of five-petaled prunus blossoms surrounding two white hard-stone bangles, the fitted lid inlaid with five additional prunus cabochons themselves inlaid in a prunus pattern. Height 3.75″

Sold for $5,150




451_1Lot 451

Large white vase of baluster form depicting a vibrant Chinese citizenry in vivid colors. The neck and base of the vase are decorated in a black and red Ruyi pattern. Vase features calligraphy and artist Kang Zhicheng’s signature. Diameter 9″ Height 23″

Sold for $3,932



491_1Lot 491

Three small goats drink water among the shaded reeds along the river’s edge, a symbol of beauty, happiness, the spirit and aspirations of the people. Republic Period. Contains calligraphy and artist Bi Botao’s signature. Length 26″ Height 18″

Sold for $3,328



368_1Lot 368

Chinese Antique Soapstone Shoushan of a seated Goddess Buddha, one hand resting on knee and the other holding a ruyi, with wood base. Exquisitely carved with intricate detailing. Length 4.5 Height 7.2″

Sold for $1,815




959_1Lot 959

Unique Hand-painted Porcelain Painting featuring an official taking a stroll in the garden with little children and a maiden, admiring the peonies and longevity ‘shou’ emblem ruyi scepter. Artist: Wang Qi. Republic period. Length 10.5″ Height 15.5″

Sold for $5,467



1265_1Lot 1265

Rare ink stone with seaside bird overlay from an American bayside collector. Length 7.25″ Height 2.25″


Sold for $1,930