Linwoods Art Appraisal and Auction House of Southern California brings together the positive collaboration of seasoned art appraiser and dealer Thomas Lin with the multigenerational Woods auction house of Ontario. The auction house will offer a variety of Chinese arts and antiquities, European fine art pieces, investment worthy period furnishings and a cache of rare collectibles.

Thomas Lin was the son of an antique dealer in the Macao. As a child he spent hours in his father’s shop inspecting treasures of bygone dynasties, cultivating a lifelong love for such beautiful and precious things. Thomas attended the prestigious JingDeZhen Ceramic Institute where he trained as a ceramic artist. The region of JingDeZhen is famous for the production of ceramics and the Institute serves as a historically significant link between ancient artisan craftsmanship and modern educational methods and infrastructure.

Max Woods’ grandparents and parents were antique and fine art dealers on the Left Bank of Paris. He too, grew up immersed in art and developed a great love and connoisseurship of fine arts, antiquities and period furnishings. He continued his family legacy after marrying and emigrating to Ontario in 1960s where he established his first art appraisal and antique dealership.

It was a serendipitous encounter between Thomas Lin and Max Woods at an art auction in New York in 2001 when a friendship was kindled that subsequently led to the establishment of Linwoods Art Appraisal and Auction House.

The proprietors of Linwoods have married their mutually held passion for fine arts and antiquities from both the East and the West with decades of expert sales and acquisitions for their growing network of international clients.