Career Opportunities


Linwoods Auction House is in urgent need of the three positions below, Start
Immediately. Contact Lisal Ong, CEO :

1. Marketing Research Analyst

Job Descriptions:
(1) Have in-depth understanding of oriental antique and art work market in especially
auction setting; study recent bidding history, the bidders, their location and national
origin in order to establish a marketing strategy in relation to funding according
geographic and demographic areas and report to senior management;
(2) Design research projects and mathematical models for each project in order to develop
new international market opportunities and work with ad design team to complete
concept-testing for new programs for the new targeted domestic and international
(3) Design market survey questionnaires and moderator guides to capture reliable research
data; also purchase commercially available market data from professional business
survey firms that is cost-effective and pertains to our products and market areas;
(4) Perform market data statistical analysis applying qualitative and quantitative analytical
techniques with Atlas_ti, Data360, Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) real-time
identification software to interpret the data and produce substantiated recommendations
to other departments;
(5) Compile marketing analysis report containing actionable recommendations and methods
for measuring up outcome and identifying cost-effect relationships between marketing
actions and financial outcomes, and also answering specific marketing questions
regarding the market, our programs versus those of our competitors;
(6) Track competitors’ advertisements, public relation efforts and website messaging and
make necessary adjustment to increase marketing effectiveness for our business.
Job Requirement:
(1) Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with concentration in marketing; Master’s
Degree in the same field preferred; marketing art work products preferred;
(2) 6 Months + of experience in marketing or analytics is required;
(3) Proficient in Microsoft Office, Excel and Access, SQL, Atlas_ti, Data360, Structural
Equation Modeling (SEM) real-time identification software;
(4) Excellent communicator – speaks and writes clearly and to the point; Mandarin Chinese
speaking and writing preferred;
(5) Organized and analytical with relentless attention to detail;
(6) Strong intellectual curiosity and affinity for numbers.